Meet Chas Trinder – One of Your Benefits Counselors


Trinder 10-28-06Meet Chas Trinder – One of Your Benefits Counselors

You may know Chas by his charming British accent, but we know Chas as a caring, customer-centric individual. He has a passion for helping clients with their health insurance needs, while also helping them stay with-in their budget.

To learn more about Chas, read the interview below:

Tell us about you Family: I have a Wife named Brenda, 4 children (Ben, Catherine, Carmen, and Jordan) and 5 grandchildren (Jaden, Sean, Gracie, Walker, and Ellie)

Do you have any pets: Siamese cat – Lady Ga Ga

What is your education: Varndean Grammar School in England – 5 GCE’s

Name something you bet we didn’t know: I am a member of the Candy Hall of Fame

What is your favorite movie: Kidnapped

What is the best part of your job: Help others to meet their health care needs and stay within their budget!

What keeps you motivated: Working in the excellent environment created by Member Benefits

Place you would love to travel: The nearest golf course!

Need help shopping for Health Insurance? Chas or one of our other licensed Benefits Counselors are here to help you! Call  1-800-282-8626 or start shopping today.