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Beyond Health: The Ancillary Benefits Your Association Needs

We’ve all heard of Health Insurance, but it’s not uncommon to hear the term “Ancillary Benefits” in the same sentence. But while everyone is familiar with health insurance, not everyone is equally familiar with ancillary benefits. So, what exactly are they and should you be offering them to your employees? First and foremost, while health …


3 Benefits of Group Health Insurance For Employers

Group health insurance is usually provided by an employer and can cover just the employee or even the employee’s spouse and children. Not providing group health coverage could be a major misstep for some companies regardless of size, as there are a number of benefits to providing Group Health Insurance coverage. 1. Lower Costs Than …


Job Stress and Health

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stress and your health are directly related. Learn more now from the following information available from the CDC. Stress sets off an alarm in the brain, which responds by preparing the body for defensive action. The nervous system is aroused and hormones are released to …


Don’t Wait Until the Health Insurance Deadline to Apply

The deadline for 2016 health coverage is quickly approaching. Sign up today to secure your policy.


How to get health coverage outside of the open enrollment period

How to get Health Coverage Outside of the Open Enrollment Period Your Guide to Understanding Qualifying Life Events and Special Enrollment Life happens, and when it does, it is very likely that your health insurance coverage may need to change. When you encounter a qualifying life event that impacts your insurance needs, it is important ...

Understanding Deductibles

Understanding your deductible makes budgeting your healthcare far easier.


Qualified Medical Expenses for Health Spending Accounts

Learn the differences between HSAs, FSAs and HRAs.


Which Health Plan to Choose When You Have an Out-of-State Student

Learn how to keep your child covered when he or she moves out-of-state to attend college.


Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance was mandated by the ACA but there are a number of great benefits to having a current policy.


Essential Health Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

Explore the mandated benefits outlined in the Affordable Care Act and how they affect your coverage.

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