Term Life Insurance Definitions

Health Class

Requirements to be considered for SUPER PREFERRED rating:

Tobacco No use of tobacco or nicotine in any form within the past 5 years.
Hypertension No current or prior BP reading in excess of 140/85. No history of treatment for hypertension.
Cholesterol May not exceed 210mg%. No history of treatment for hyperlipidemia.
Family History No cardiovascular or cancer death in either parent or siblings prior to age 70.
Drug/Alcohol No history of drug/alcohol abuse within 10 years.
Motor Vehicle Record No DWI in the past 3 years.  No more than 2 moving traffic violations in past 3 years.
Aviation No private aviation as a crew member in last 3 years or anticipated in future.
Risk Otherwise a standard (PREFERRED) risk. No medical impairments rating above 150%.

Maximum Height and Weight to be considered for SUPER PREFERRED rating:

4’10” 142
4’11” 147
5’0” 152
5’1” 157
5’2” 163
5’3” 169
5’4” 174
5’5” 179
5’6” 185
5’7” 189
5’8” 194
5’9” 200
5’10” 206
5’11” 211
6’0” 217
6’1” 224
6’2” 231
6’3” 237
6’4” 243
6’5” 249
6’6” 256
6’7” 263
6’8” 269
6’9” 276

AD&D Amount

The unexpected financial “shock” of an accident can be devastating to a family. That’s why this plan offers a special accident safeguard. The accidental death and dismemberment benefit (AD&D) option pays your beneficiary the amount of coverage you select if you die in a covered accident.

In addition, if you are dismembered or lose your sight in a covered accident, you will receive a portion of your coverage, depending on the accident’s severity.

Children’s Insurance

This rider provides $10,000 of coverage for your dependent children. One premium covers all eligible unmarried dependent children, ages 6 months to 21 years, or to age 25 if a full-time student. Children ages 14 days to 6 months are eligible for $500 or $1,000.

Desired Term Length

At the end of the level term period, evidence of insurability is required to enter another level term period (subject to the maximum age to begin a level term period). If evidence of insurability is not provided or not approved by ReliaStar Life, rates will be based on the five-year age brackets for the insured’s current age. 20-Year Level Term rates are available to applicants under age 55.