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Private Exchange Deadline to Apply for Jan 1 Coverage Effective Dates Extended to Dec 19th.

Don’t wait! Finalize your coverage decisions and apply now. Our benefits counselors are available to answer those last few questions you might have. We want to ensure that if you desire coverage on January 1st, that everything is in good order, and ready to go. This means; (a) allotting enough time for you to apply; (b) processing time with your selected insurance plan, and (c) enough time for us to confirm your coverage is in effect and get confirmation documents to you before Jan 1.

Most applicants have questions during the application process which can sometimes delay the application. Take your time when entering your payment account information. An incorrect digit in your credit card information or EFT bank draft account information can cause a delay. That’s actually one of the most common causes of application delays. Also, insurance carrier systems and processing departments are currently overloaded due to ACA. In a nutshell, get the process started as early as you can. We are here to help you.

Register for your Private Exchange account today.