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Not Satisfied with Your Health Insurance Plan?

Members may change plans during open enrollment, which is scheduled to close on March 31, 2014.

Annual open enrollment is scheduled to close on March 31, 2014. We’d like to remind you to apply for coverage or if you’ve already secured coverage and want to make changes to your plan, you’ll need to do so before March 31st. If you currently have coverage, some key items to review before the end of open enrollment:

  • Review your plan documents to ensure you have adequate coverage.
  • Confirm your network of doctors.
  • Confirm your prescription benefits.

If you previously enrolled in a plan through the Private Exchange and wish to switch to a new plan, please contact us at 1-800-282-8626.

Once the Annual Open Enrollment ends you will not be able to make any changes to your plan unless you have a qualifying event also known as a special enrollment period. Examples of a qualifying event are listed below.

  • An individual and any dependent lost minimum essential health coverage.
  • An individual gained or became a dependent through marriage, birth, adoption, or placement for adoption.
  • An individual became newly eligible or ineligible for advance payments of the premium tax credit or is experiencing a change in eligibility for cost-sharing reductions.
  • An individual or enrollee made a permanent move and new coverage is available.

These open enrollment guidelines apply to the federal and state exchanges, as well as private exchanges like the CPA Insurance Marketplace. Consumers without coverage after that date may be subject to tax penalties when they file their 2014 federal tax return.

Application Completion Deadline* Desired Coverage Effective Date
March 15, 2014 April 1, 2014
March 31, 2014 May 1, 2014
*This date represents private exchange deadlines to complete the application to secure the desired effective date.

Important: Deadline to apply for April 1st coverage is March 15th (which is a Saturday). While you may apply for coverage on the 15th, Member Benefits counselors will only be available to assist members up to 5:00 pm Eastern on Friday, March 14th. Make sure to get all your questions answered by the end of the day on Friday, the 14th. Don’t wait until the last minute!