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Don’t Forget: Open Enrollment Ends February 15th – Find Your Health Plan Today

The CPA Insurance Marketplace offers a variety of insurance and financial packages to members. The end of the open enrollment period for 2015 is fast approaching. We know that members are busy. You might currently have a plan in place, and researching other healthcare options might be low on the priority list if you don’t know how much money you can save.

Open Enrollment Ends Sunday, February 15th

Time is running short if you’re interested in reviewing your options. If your firm offers a group health plan, you may be surprised to learn that you could be paying more than you would for an individual policy for yourself and your family. You may be able to find a comparable plan that costs less through our Private Insurance Marketplace. If you have a health plan that you’re perfectly happy with, it may still be missing some important features, such as voluntary vision or dental. You may even want to take a look at the term life or disability plans through the exchange.


Benefits to Using the CPA Insurance Marketplace

  • Easy Comparison. We offer all plans and pricing in one place, so it’s simple to compare benefits and pricing to decide on the best plan for your needs.
  • Best Prices. We offer the best prices for individual health insurance plans in Florida.
  • Advocacy. You don’t have to do this alone. Our benefits counselors help you deal with any situation that might arise while applying for coverage or throughout the year.


Who is Eligible to Buy Through The Exchange?

  • Members of the FICPA and their employees (as well as spouses, domestic partners, and dependents).
  • Firms can also create their own private exchange and offer as an employee benefits package. Learn more.

Whether you’re currently searching for a better policy or just want to research choices, now is the perfect time. Visit the CPA Insurance Marketplace Member Benefits site today to shop for health care plans to meet your needs.