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How to Get Health Coverage Outside of the Open Enrollment Period

I Missed the Open Enrollment Deadline. Now What?

You have a small window each year to enroll in health insurance. For 2015, this window closed on February 15th and will not open again until November 1st. However, the Affordable Care Act allows you and your family to sign up for health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment Period if you experience certain qualifying life events.

Join us Thursday, March 26th at 1 pm Eastern for a webinar discussion led by Courtney Trefry, Senior Benefits Counselor with Member Benefits, the administrator of the CPA Insurance Marketplace.

This free webinar will discuss:

  • Special Enrollment periods and how they work
  • Qualified Life Events, with examples
  • Exceptions and differences between major health carriers

Space is limited, so register quickly to learn how to get the health coverage you need.

Qualifying life events could include marriage or divorce, childbirth, permanent relocations, and many other individual scenarios. But, an employer could also trigger a qualifying life event by deciding to offer coverage to their employees through our Private Health Exchange (for employers with five or more eligible employees). Employers can contact Member Benefits today to discuss options for their firm.