Not satisfied with your health insurance plan?

Members may change plans during open enrollment, which is scheduled to close on March 31, 2014. Annual open enrollment is scheduled to close on March 31, 2014. We’d like to remind you to apply for coverage or if you’ve already secured coverage and want to make changes to your plan, you’ll need to do so …


Time is running out – Know your open enrollment deadlines

Time is running out – know your deadlines The Affordable Care Act (ACA) established the first-ever nationwide open enrollment period for individual and family health insurance, which began on October 1, 2013, and will continue through March 31, 2014. This open enrollment applies to the federal and state exchanges, as well as private exchanges like …


CPA Insurance Marketplace for Employer Groups Now Open

CPA Insurance Marketplace for Employer Groups (now open) Just as every employee is unique, so are their benefit needs. Employers, with 5 or more enrolled employees, now have a way to address the different requirements of each employee, while also managing the company’s bottom line. That means cost control and predictability for the employer, and …


Important Open Enrollment Deadlines – Individual Marketplace

Individual Marketplace In the fall of 2013, the Florida Institute of CPAs announced the opening of the CPA Insurance Marketplace, a customized multi-carrier private exchange that offers a consumer-friendly approach to purchasing health insurance and other coverages. Members are able to view plans from a variety of qualified health insurance providers, compare benefits and costs …

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