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Private Exchange Deadline to Apply for Jan 1 Coverage Effective Dates Extended to Dec 19th.

Don’t wait! Finalize your coverage decisions and apply now. Our benefits counselors are available to answer those last few questions you might have. We want to ensure that if you desire coverage on January 1st, that everything is in good order, and ready to go. This means; (a) allotting enough time for you to apply; …


Important Open Enrollment Deadlines – Individual Marketplace

Individual Marketplace In the fall of 2013, the Florida Institute of CPAs announced the opening of the CPA Insurance Marketplace, a customized multi-carrier private exchange that offers a consumer-friendly approach to purchasing health insurance and other coverages. Members are able to view plans from a variety of qualified health insurance providers, compare benefits and costs …


Key Issues to Consider While Preparing for Nov. 1st Private Exchange Opening

The CPA Insurance Marketplace will be open for shopping on November 1st, and we hope that you will create an account and review the products and services that will be available to you, your family, and your employees. The Affordable Care Act has required health insurance carriers to make changes to their product offerings to …

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